SEO (Search Engine Optimization for Google)

When you, as a user, search for a term on Google, there is a high probability that you will look at ONLY THE FIRST FEW RESULTS. Websites that appear among the top results on Google search receive significantly higher traffic than those that are not near the top. If you take your company and website seriously, YOU MUST BE ON THE FIRST PAGE at any cost.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization for Google)

Google search optimization

On the first page of Google search, you can appear in two ways. The first is for Google to recognize you as the best offered site for the user’s query, which is a harder and slower way to appear on the first page. For this option, you need to have a website that is better optimized and rated than competitive sites. The second is to pay Google through marketing services to display you on the first page. This is an instant way to appear where you want in the search, but it is also much more expensive than SEO optimization of the site. Both methods are completely legitimate and complement each other. Absolutewd web development offers solutions for both SEO optimization and Google advertising.

Goals of SEO optimization

SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) represents the optimization of a website for search engines. Search engines aim to offer their users the best content. The goal of SEO optimization is to convince search engines that the content of your website is the best for the visitor and will provide them with the information they need. The most well-known search engine in our region is Google, but Bing, a Microsoft company, is also used. Your website must be as well-optimized as possible to appear at the top of Google search results for terms related to your site’s content. The better your position, the more visitors will visit your website, making optimization highly significant.

SEO optimization

What is needed for website optimization?

Website optimization starts even before the website is created. It is based on thorough market research and defining the target audience for your website. Depending on the visitor group, you will determine the website’s structure. Based on the target audience, you will identify keywords (terms that users search for on Google) that could bring users to your site. There are numerous conditions to meet to persuade Google to display your website. Google values websites with good, engaging, and up-to-date content, as well as technically correct, fast websites that are responsive across all types of devices.


Absolute web design can offer you not only basic services related to the functioning of the website but also SEO optimization services. Unlike advertising on Google, SEO optimization is a long-term process. It involves tasks related to the website, which will “convince” Google that your site is the best option to offer to visitors. The cost of SEO optimization is definitely worth it because, unlike advertising where you have to pay to bring visitors to your site, if your site is well-positioned on Google, you will have a large number of organic visitors. Organic visitors do not need to be paid to Google; they come to your site through Google search.

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